Hello, I am Adam Bowes, a software developer and manager building web based applications. I was a games computing student at the University of Lincoln and also the president of the university computing society.

Contact: bowes372@gmail.com

I began making games at about the age of 12 when I was introduced to Macromedia Flash 8. I started off making simple top down games which over time evolved in to more complex games. I started using mochiads, a service for monetising flash games which encouraged my to continue to make and promote my games until the service shut down. During the time it was running my games received over 1.3 million views in total. Links to the flash games are at the bottom.

Eventually I started to look at C# and began to learn the language. A few months later I started at university. During this time I have become proficient at programming in C# and began learning C++ which has now become my preferred language and the one in which I am most capable. I have also used JavaScript, Python, PHP and SQL. I have programmed with windows forms, XNA and monogame as well as game maker, unity and GLUT.

Now I use c# and JavaScript to create web applications and other tools.

GitHub: https://github.com/lazerduck

Flash games:

Tank Training

Tank Training 2

Tank Training 3

Tank Training 4


Ultra Escape