The Airshow was an openGL and GLUT demo made in C++ during my second year at university for an assignment

The air show uses recursive programming to create the planes and a simple terrain generator to create the mountains. The mountains are actually structs containing positions and randomness, the terrain elevates each vertex depending on how close it is to the mountains peak and the random value. The light can have the red, green and blue aspects turned on or off and the light type can be changed to a spot light emitted from the player like a torch. The doors on the hangar can be opened or closed with an option on the right click menu. The terrain randomness can be altered as well as the number of recursive planes in the sky.


  • change terrain primitive: q
  • toggle terrain normals: e
  • increase planes: x
  • decrease planes: z
  •  increase terrain randomness: v
  • decrease terrain randomness: c

Dropbox exe:

GitHub: (some dependencies will need changing)