Beach simulator is a 3D beach management game built in Unity using C# as a group project during my second year at university.

The game requires you to add building to the beach to fulfil the visitor needs and to increase your income. You gain money every time a visitor buys an item (ice cream, gifts, drinks) or periodically (fisheries). To increase the number of people the beach can sustain you need to build lifeguard chairs and hotels. As people buy things they will begin to drop litter in the floor, as the pollution gets worse fewer people will visit and some will leave in disgust, to prevent this you need to hire a litter picker who will look for litter to pick up and then deposit it in the nearest bin. If the pollution level gets too high then its game over.

Made by: Adam Bowes, Thomas Fisher(GUI) and Josh Graves(Art and Sound)

(Requires Unity)

Dropbox exe: