Week 0 - 10 user stories

  1. As a medieval enthusiast I want the weapons to have realistic characteristics so that I will be able to engage better.
  2. As a player I want the controls to be precise so that I don't lose or take damage because the game didn't respond as expected.
  3. As a player I want the animations to look consistent and suitable so that I won't be taken out of the game by poor or bizarre animations.
  4. As a gamer I want to be see how much damage I do and how much health enemies have so that my progress is clear.
  5. As an electric wheel chair user I don't want the game to be any harder than it would be with a regular chair so that I can compare my skill with others.
  6. As mythology fan I want the forts to be themed on the horsemen that own them so that it is clear what horseman I'm fighting.
  7. As a gamer I want the map to have lots of room to manoeuvre so that I don't crash into walls all of the time.
  8. As a gamer I want the enemies to be consistent in their behavior so that I can predict their movements and plan my next actions.
  9. As a gamer I want each horseman to be a unique challenge so that I don't bored with the game.
  10. As a player I want to have my character progress through game play so that the game can escalate as i get towards the end.