Week 4 - sprint 2

Scrum master
2 hours

As Adrian Wilkinson I want cavalry enemies to be damaged upon colliding with the avatar's lance so that the cavalry can be killed.
Estimated Time = 2Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Players lance always faces forwards
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Players lance has hit box
Acceptance Criteria 3 : Cavalry take damage when colliding with lance hit box
Status = Adam - Approved

The lance turns in to the players turn to allow the player to aim the lance

This is the code that deals with the rotation and interaction of the lance


As Edwin Roy I want the fort doors to open once killing more than half the enemies surrounding the fort so that i get rewarded for doing well at the game.
Estimated Time = 2 Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : Open fort door when 64 of the local Enemies are killed
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Player can access the fort
Status = Adam - Approved

Here you can see that there are very few enemies and that the fort doors have closed

This is the code that deals with how to open the door

As Adrian Wilkinson I want the enemies to re-spawn periodically so that the game is not too easy.
Estimated Time = 2Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1 : 16 Infantry start spawn every 10 seconds
Acceptance Criteria 2 : Infantry spawn one at a time over 10 seconds
Status = Adam - Approved

Making use of the code in the group point which allocates enemies to them, this code can simply spawn an enemy and have it travel to a group point with vacancies. This code deals with ensuring too many enemies aren't spawned and then causing the spawn to wait so too many don't all spawn at once