Week 8 - sprint 3

As a developer I want the GitHub repository to be up to date and organised so that work can be successfully with the master branch again
Estimated Time: 4Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1: The master branch must be up to date
Acceptance Criteria 2: All un-merged work must be added to the master branch
Acceptance Criteria 3: The Master branch project must run.
Status: Adam - Complete


As Carol I want the installer to allow me to uninstall the the kinect wheels SDK so that my computer can be like it was before installation
Estimated Time: 4Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1: The installer must be able to start the kinect uninstall wizard.
Acceptance Criteria 2: The Kinnect Wheels SDK must be removed from the computer.
Acceptance Criteria 3: The Computer must be the same as before the SDK was installed
Status: Adam - Complete

Notes: The Kinect SDK installer is 222MB and so is too large to upload to GitHub and so will have to be added to the installer after downloading from GitHub or the game will need to be downloaded from somewhere else.