Week 9 - Sprint 3

As Carol I want both players to have a score tracked so i can tell who won in the end
Estimated Time: 4Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1: The scores must carry over between levels
Acceptance Criteria 2: The score must increase while not infected
Acceptance Criteria 3: The winner should be displayed at the end
Status: Adam - Complete

Bug fix: As carol I want the game to work correctly so that I can enjoy the game
Estimated Time: 2Hrs
Acceptance Criteria 1: Sound works in all levels
Acceptance Criteria 2: Health tint works on all levels
Acceptance Criteria 3: the player should advance to the next level when both players have lost
Status: Adam - Complete

As Carol I want the AI stay out of the corners so that the game doesn't become boring
Estimated Time: 2Hrs

Acceptance Criteria 1: The AI should only react to near by threats
Acceptance Criteria 2: The AI should roam when not threatened
Status: Adam - Complete